Team Confetti Zomer Dienstregeling.

Vandaag even een huishoudelijke mededeling: in de maand augustus geldt er hier op een zomerdienstregeling. In plaats van vijf blogartikelen elke week, komen er  drie. Een Confetti Soap op maandag, een gastblogartikel op dinsdag én een extra artikel op donderdag. In de eerste week van september kun je weer vijf blogartikelen verwachten. Namens alle team members van Team Confetti: een fijne zomer gewenst!

hugo cocktail


  1. David Smith

    Party tops and platform sandals are fit for a “revenge” shopping spree, but no matter how ready you are to have fun with fashion again, solid wardrobe essentials are forever. That’s why the concept of a capsule wardrobe is so enduring: Outfits built on a streamlined selection of items make day-to-day dressing infinitely easier. They remove all the bleary-eyed guesswork in the morning and give you the building blocks for whatever personal style frontier you’re exploring.

  2. Blake Browns

    Plain white t-shirts, versatile shoes, and good outerwear are some obvious places to start, but we’re emerging this summer with a refreshed set of priorities—and comfort that doesn’t sacrifice statement-making style is at the forefront. So if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to updating your arsenal with the “new” essentials for 2021, the pieces below should serve as an excellent primer.

  3. Fill Smith

    HBO announced in March that the Friends reunion would be put on hold, so in the meantime, we’re reminiscing on the clear style star of the group: Rachel Green. Brought to life by Jennifer Aniston, the trendsetting character had women frantically phoning the salon for their very own Rachel cut and inspired our clothing choices before we even fully knew how to dress ourselves. The show ruled television from 1994 to 2004, a formative time for many millennials, style-wise. It was when we started paying closer attention to what we picked out for school, first selected an outfit for a formal dance, and developed our love for the classic ’90s slip dress. And what did we consistently lean on for inspiration? Rachel Green’s style.

  4. Adam Dever

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