1. Karin

    Leuk! Heb toevallig een YouTubeFilmpje klaar staan met precies dezelfde tutorial. Had ‘m op pinterest gevonden, zo’n leuk idee. Ik heb ook marshmallows gebruikt. Leuk artikel!


    While much is known about procrastination in neuroscience, I do not want to cover all scientific theories in this article. Instead, it’s better to go straight to solving the problem.

    Once you know the procrastination equation, your basic strategy is obvious. Since there is usually nothing you can do to speed up your reward, you need to focus on the three parts of the equation that you can control. To defeat procrastination, you need to:

    believe in success;
    increase the value of the task (make the process of completion or the reward more enjoyable);
    reduce the level of your impulsivity.

  3. lauriann

    If you’re new to the world of cannabis, navigating where to buy weed in Montreal can be a little overwhelming where to buy weed in montreal. What if you don’t know anyone who smokes? How do you find people who like to smoke? Is there a secret handshake or password that only cannabis enthusiasts know? Do you have to join some secret society or pay a membership fee before they’ll sell it to you? Luckily, it’s not that hard.


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